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Quest ganti job Giant ke berseker

Finally your Giant character reached level 50. You can finally choose a second job. Here’s a guide to Rohan change job quest from Giant to Berserker. This guide is created AriesMinor. All text and image credit belongs to him. The Quest Map guides after the jump.

Alright, I’ve got a lot of questions about it since I’ve done the job change etc, and sorry to the devout berzerker’s that have gone upwards of lvl 53 and still not completed the job change =X my fault, was busy with TW etc grinding, you know the deal.
Quest Map GUIDE
giant beserker map quest
1. This is the part where they give you a key and tell you to find a statue etc, very first part, just travel along the valley keeping an eye on your right (coming from the bindstone), until you reach a little hidden pathway up that hill there you’ll notice a sorta flat ground with the huge towers, search around there and you’ll find it in no time.
2. They tell you to look for varks, (the ones carrying crossbows) these are where they hide.
3. Venom spider ladys (cant remember the name) collection quest
4. Mutant Giant boss hunt (easily find him lurking around, he looks exactly like an orc king)
5. Red and Blue tatoo dye (FINAL BOSS) these are archers. Bring pots and if possible elixer, the blue one dies the fastest but deals the most dmg, the red one is tanky but deals low dmg. Try to kill blue first.
Quest Map GUIDE
giant beserker map quest1
1. Roughbark Drys, right outside the bindstone easy to find (collection quest)
2. This is where the legendary Nakoff npc (that takes forever to find cause hes some drifter berzerker) gives you a key to open a barrel, this is where the barrel is.
3. This is where Nakoff is hiding.
These are not numbered in order but will give you a pretty dead on location for where these search and find quests are, all you gotta do is know what you’re looking for, look here, and its in one of these 8 spots.
Without map, lookin at about 5+hours of wheres waldo hunts. With map…cake.
Red Ryder if you think this thread is worthy of some glue, please feel free to sticky it. ;)
Good luck.

Quest ganti job dhan ke Avenger


Dhan Avenger

Go to Dhan town to start quest for avenger.
You will need to do 6 quests to become a Avenger.

Quest 1:
1.Talk to Damats Heartwell. Accept the avenger quest.
2. Tele to enraged nether world bindstone.
3.Then open up your Map, look at the left side of the map,
look for 2 little bridges on the map connected to each other ontop of a red lava pool.
4. Then head over to the bridges over lava pool on your map.
5. There will be 1 Fire drake there, kill it.
6. There will also be flame spites there, kill 10 of it.
5. Return to dhan town and talk to Damats Heartwell to finish the first quest.
Refer to the following screenshot for route to reach the location:

Quest 2:
1. Damats in dhan town will give you another quest. Accept the quest.
2. Buy artic sea portal stone from gathering hall and Teleport to Artic Sea bindstone.
3. Then go to End of struggle at top right of dhan map.
4. Find the orb of past there, interact with it.
5. Then interact with orb of history.
6. Then interact with statue of an Exiled King, exiled king statue will give you a dagger.
7. Return to dhan town and talk to Damats Heartwell to finish this quest.
Refer to the following screenshot for route to reach the location:

Quest 3:
1. Damats will then give you the 3rd quest.
2. Teleport to Pine plateau bindstone.
3. Look at the screenshot of the map below and follow the red line.
4. When u reach there, kill the 2 followers guards first, then kill the betrayed paladin horseman.
5. Now teleport to artic sea bindstone.
6. Go back to End of struggle at top right of dhan map.
7. Interact with the statue of exiled Kings.
8. Go back to dhan town and talk to Damats Heartwell to complete quest.
Refer to the following screenshot for route to reach the betrayed paladin horseman location:

Quest 4:
1. Damats Heartwell will give you the 4th quest.
2. Teleport to limestone foothill bindstone.
3. Go north into Liom Map.
4. Go to the incomplete statue. Ignore the immortal guards, they can't be killed.
5. Interact with the imcomplete statue.
6. Return to dhan town and talk to Damats Heartwell to finish this quest.
Refer to the following screenshot for route to reach the location:

Quest 5:
1. Damats will then give you the 5th quest.
2. Teleport to einhoren bindstone
3. Go to juba waterclock
4. On the left side of juba waterclock is a mob name Last berzen Guard captain.
5. Kill her.
6. Go back to dhan town and talk to Damats Heartwell to finish this quest.
Refer to the following screenshot for route to reach the location:

Quest 6:
1. Damats will give you the 6th quest.
2. Don't worry, this one is easy. Just talk to him again to complete it.
3. Congrats you are now a AVENGER!

Quest ganti job human ke Defender


- Human Defender
Upon reaching level 50 , You will receive two job change quest.

Reminders : Dont party with other people while questing.
Proceed to Istvan Baileys at Einhoren.

He will ask you to get a quest item named Journal , Found at Ahkma Cave (Specters Room , Near Shamanistic Specters) It's appearance is a Aged Wooden Box.

After submitting the journal to Istvan , He will ask you to speak with Humphrey ( The guy who gives the Drexter Money Quest ) Also found at Einhoren.

Humphrey will ask you to go to the Mossy Statue at Dharvegawan , D9 Below the map.

You can get at Dharvegawan by using a Limestone Foothill Portal Stone then walk or ride with your mount and proceed to the Mossy Statue.

Be careful with those 50+ Paragon With Doctors.

After speaking with the Mossy Statue , Proceed back to Humphrey.

Humphrey will ask you to speak again with Istvan Baileys.

And this is the last part of the quest , Istvan Baileys will ask you to slay Nheias and four of its minions , the Mandrakes.

Nheias can be spotted at Liom , again teleport using the Limestone Foothill Portal Stone then proceed walking/riding to Nheias.

Follow the track of the road and when you get at I-8 ( map coords ) You could see a Wooden Towerlike Structure at your left side.

Turn left and trace this road.

You could see a Wooden Gate , Thats where Nheias is.

Kill first Nheias ( Her damage sucks but she got higher HP ) Dont worry about Mandrakes , coz they suck too.

After killing Nheias , kill 4pcs of Mandrakes. Mandrakes dont stop respawning , After killing 4pcs just Run and Use Town Portal Stone , Go Back to Einhoren.

Proceed to Istvan Baileys.


You are now a Defender

Quest ganti job human ke Guardian


- Human Guardian

First Quest
You need to find Camila (bindstone guard) at Caronia's tomb bindstone located at varrylon. Buy a limestone foothill portal stone, portal there, and walking from limestone foothill bindstone is easier to get there.

Second Quest
After you chat with Camila, you need to kill one boss named Boyton Haraford located near southwest of Varrow Forest bindstone. Varrow Forest is at east of the varrylon map, Geizan map. from Caronia's tomb, follow the route and walk to the east. You will arrive Geizan map.

Keep walking to the east at Geizan map. After u cross the bridge, u can see there is Ursa mage at yr right hand side(from character sight), and boyton is on a hill(can be called as high-land) behind the Ursa mage, surrounded by paragon guardian. Although boyton haraford is with aura, but it is easy to kill. after killing boyton, follow the instruction and looking for next NPC to pass the quest (whether palace NPC or Camila, I forget).

After that you will busy getting many exp from walking around palace to pass the quest.

After that, palace NPC will order you to find a "traces of Dhan". It is in Caronia's Tomb dungeon (north of Caronia's bindstone). Try to find some follower, better a priest to barrier you so you wont get hurted by magic mobs.

In the dungeon, get to the room I marked. After going to the room, the "box" is at lower right corner of the room (when you stand at the room entrance), shaped like a steel box. when u open the box, REMEMBER DONT PARTY TO ANYONE or you have to do the quest again.


After finishing this quest, pass it to the palace NPC and get ready for the next boss.

This last boss is located at Varrylon map also. It located at the small island south-west of pine plateau bindstone. For the big map u could see a yellow dot with "3rd Water Element", ere is the location of the boss. This boss is surrounded by 3 beholder shape lv 1 magic mobs. Kill all 3 of them and final is the boss. This boss need long time to kill but it only hurts you a bit compare to the 3 lv1 magic mobs.

After killing the boss, pass it to the palace NPC. congratulation, you are now a Guardian^^

Quest ganti job half elf ke Scout


Half Elf Scout

I did not make this guide but i hope it help...
see bottom for Credits and Original Link...

Half-Elf [Scout]

Quest 1:

1. Talk to quest starter Senecca in Kai non, take the scout quest
2. Go to gray dawn tower in ELF map[kai'non]. Find the statue, its in the middle of gray dawn tower.
3. Interact with the statue, then your quests updates.
4. Go back to the quest starter in kai'non.

Quest 2:

1.Receive the 2nd scout quest in kai'non from Senecca.
2. He will give you a lvl 1 dagger.
3. Find a BERG boss, and kill it with the lvl 1 dagger.
(Berg boss locations: ahkma cave sword room, a litte east of Pine platu bindstone, monnt bloody hills f5, Vena area near ursa warriors and apir nobles)
4. Return to kai'non.

Quest 3:

1. Receive the 3rd scout quest in kai'non from Senecca. She wants you to find the FELIX BOX.
2. Go to black dragon sanctuary in Geizan Map. (Travel to pine plateu bindstone and head EAST to reach black dragon sanctuary)
3. When you are inside black dragon sanctuary, go straight follow the path.
4. When you reach the first split path, take the right path.
5. When you reach the second split path, take the right path.
6. Keep going forward and u will eventually come across a room with flame spites and some other mobs.
7. Inside that room you will find the FELIX BOX. Open the felix box.
8. Quest updated, go back to kai non senecca to end this quest.
(Side note: Be prepared before you enter black dragon sanctuary, get some lesser elixers or some friends to help you)

Quest 4:

1. Get the 4th scout quest in kai non from senecca.Now shes want you to kill 15 mob to get 15 items.
2. Teleport to pine plateau bindstone
3. Head west to shrouded mansion, and then continue heading west from shrouded mansion.
4. You will then come across a bunch of Morvols.
5. Kill 15 of them.
6. Go back to kai'non
7. Talk to Zhonat Rotus in kai'non.
8. Zhonat rotus will give you another quest.
9. All you have to do for this quest is to go and talk to Senecca in kai'non.
10. Quest finish, now you become a scout.

Quest ganti job half elf ke Ranger


- Half Elf Ranger

Rohan Ranger Job Change Quest I

1. At the village of Half Elves (Kainon) speak with Senecca, tell her that you wish to become a ranger. Your task is to kill the Orc Boss and 10 Orc Warriors.

2. Report back to Senecca after you accomplished killing them

Rohan Ranger Job Change Quest II

3. Talk to Lachet (Kai鈥檔on Magic Weapon Merchant)

4. Go back to Senecca and get rohan quest part 3

Rohan Ranger Job Change Quest III

5. You need to go to Felix鈥檚 record marbles. First record marble is located in Vena鈥檚 Crea workshop in Via Marea map

6. Felix鈥檚 second marble is located  near Juba鈥檚 Waterclock in Del Lagos map.

7. The third Felix鈥檚 record marble is located near Limestone foothil, Varvylon map

8. Felix鈥檚 fourth marble is near the Topaz Quarry, Geizan map.

9. After going to all these locations, report back to Senecca for the four part of the rohan ranger quest

Rohan Ranger Job Change Quest IV

10. The Rohan Ranger Quest part IV requires you to acquire the Fragment of Ohn from the boss Lord of Flames located in Varvylon (J4)

11. Go back to Senecca

Rohan Ranger Job Change Quest V

12. Speak with Zhonat Rotus then go back to Senecca. Congratulations, you are now a Rohan ranger