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Quest ganti job elf ke priest


- Elf Priest

The Rohan Priest Quest requires you to go to Lauke Monastery, slay a bird, then go back and forth to speak with Shailina. Quest is fairly easy, you just need some help in killing the Elysian bird

Rohan Priest Job Change Quest I

1. Start the Rohan Priest Quest by talking to Shailina at the Vena Castle

2. Talk to Leomina at the Crea workshop.

3. Report back to Shailina, she鈥檒l tell you to look for Lacriss

Rohan Priest Job Change Quest II

4. The next part of the rohan priest quest is to  go to Lauke Monastery (I-9),  enter the left door and you will find Lauke.

5. Lacriss will then instruct you to kill the lauke monster located behind the Goddess fountain outside (C5 of Vena map)

6. Report back to Shailina

Rohan Priest Job Change Quest III

7. Shailina will ask you to go at the center stone in Crea workshop.

8. Speak with Shailina again

Rohan Priest Job Change Quest IV

9.  Go to the Temple Marea  and get the scripture on Protection straight out of the box

10. Talk to Shailina

Rohan Priest Job Change Quest V

11.You need to kill the Marea鈥檚 Elysian bird which is near the Goddess fountain.

12. After killing the bird, clicked on the temporary holder/silver box behind it.

13. Go back to Shailina Illia to become a Rohan priest. Congratulations!

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