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Quest ganti job elf ke templar


- Elf Templar

*Portal Stones can be bought at Gathering Hall...
*All Boss/Mobs that you need to kill doesnt hurt much w/ good equips...

1.When you reach lvl 50 talk to Viviana Nadiv in Vena to start Templar Job Change.

2. Talk to Palasina @ (I4) Blooming Sorrow Bindstone (Vena)

3. Talk to Riphalia @ (F3) Orc Fortress Bindstone

4. Talk to Guliermo @ (F2) Dragon Eyes Bindstone (Vena)

5. Return to Viviana Nadiv

6. Talk to Lacriss inside Luake Monastery Between I/J in Vena

7. Go to Armana Manor @ (C3/4), you can go there by Orc Fortress or GH... (use the road between Orc Fort and Manor)
These one is a little hard to do if your going solo and got poor armors... (Avoid as much as you can)
it is overrun by Elder Banshee lvl 47 magic/range mobs... (Ouch!)
at the center of the Manor open the Chest called (Book of Spiritual Eyes)...

8. Return to Viviana Nadiv

9. Tele to Limestone Foothill and follow river edge to proceed to (F2 near F1) where you well find the Amazons...

10. Return to Viviana Nadiv

11. Go to Goddess Fountain but dont follow the road in
Upper Left corner of C5 you well find some Chest and some Mobs
Open a Chest and a Golem well come out Kill it to get the Quest Item... Open and Kill until you finish...

12. Return to Viviana Nadiv (She will give you a Mace keep it you'll need it)

13. Go to any Crystal Quarry that you think is the nearest... (Montt for me)

pass by the 1st road going left
follow 2nd Road going left
follow 1st Road going down
keep going down, you should be able to see the portal, now enter

follow the road that splits to the left
follow the road down
just go down until a big room where the Quest is...

Kill the 2 Souls with magic 1st (Holy Light)
Equip "Ancient Scepter" to Kill Boss (Highly Magic Resistant use Melee)
Get a Good Armor Set

and your done... it should be a breeze if you follow the Tips...

14. Return to Viviana Nadiv, And claim yout Birthright ^^


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