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Quest ganti job half elf ke Scout


Half Elf Scout

I did not make this guide but i hope it help...
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Half-Elf [Scout]

Quest 1:

1. Talk to quest starter Senecca in Kai non, take the scout quest
2. Go to gray dawn tower in ELF map[kai'non]. Find the statue, its in the middle of gray dawn tower.
3. Interact with the statue, then your quests updates.
4. Go back to the quest starter in kai'non.

Quest 2:

1.Receive the 2nd scout quest in kai'non from Senecca.
2. He will give you a lvl 1 dagger.
3. Find a BERG boss, and kill it with the lvl 1 dagger.
(Berg boss locations: ahkma cave sword room, a litte east of Pine platu bindstone, monnt bloody hills f5, Vena area near ursa warriors and apir nobles)
4. Return to kai'non.

Quest 3:

1. Receive the 3rd scout quest in kai'non from Senecca. She wants you to find the FELIX BOX.
2. Go to black dragon sanctuary in Geizan Map. (Travel to pine plateu bindstone and head EAST to reach black dragon sanctuary)
3. When you are inside black dragon sanctuary, go straight follow the path.
4. When you reach the first split path, take the right path.
5. When you reach the second split path, take the right path.
6. Keep going forward and u will eventually come across a room with flame spites and some other mobs.
7. Inside that room you will find the FELIX BOX. Open the felix box.
8. Quest updated, go back to kai non senecca to end this quest.
(Side note: Be prepared before you enter black dragon sanctuary, get some lesser elixers or some friends to help you)

Quest 4:

1. Get the 4th scout quest in kai non from senecca.Now shes want you to kill 15 mob to get 15 items.
2. Teleport to pine plateau bindstone
3. Head west to shrouded mansion, and then continue heading west from shrouded mansion.
4. You will then come across a bunch of Morvols.
5. Kill 15 of them.
6. Go back to kai'non
7. Talk to Zhonat Rotus in kai'non.
8. Zhonat rotus will give you another quest.
9. All you have to do for this quest is to go and talk to Senecca in kai'non.
10. Quest finish, now you become a scout.

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